Pumtrix Technologies Launch: ​Charting a Course for Change and Innovation in Digital Infrastructure

September 01, 2022

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A new consultancy has today (1 September, 2022) launched with the vision to disrupt norms and drive innovation in the digital infrastructure industry. 

Manchester, September, 1, 2022 : Pumtrix Technologies Founder and Chief Consultant, Dave Pumford, officially launches a new technology and product innovation consultancy designed to help people and organisations understand the evolving digital infrastructure landscape and drive opportunities for strategic innovation. 

With more than a decade of engineering and product experience within digital infrastructure, Pumford's decision to launch the company is driven by an opportunity to provide on-demand expertise and tools to businesses that need to address the growing complexities of the digital economy. 

Pumford previously led Digital Realty's EMEA product innovation and IX Reach's global network infrastructure, delivering successful transformation programs that launched several new capabilities to market within the telecoms and datacenter space.

Acknowledging the increased need for customer-centric products and solutions across the industry, Pumtrix Technologies is committed to supporting businesses with the strategy, product, technical expertise and tools needed to achieve strategic innovation that delivers measurable business impact. 

Adopting the hashtag "#industryofchange" Pumtrix Technologies has launched with a "disruptive by design" ethos that integrates clients' strengths with its expertise to develop new ways of thinking that shape capabilities with customer experience at the focus. 

Pumford comments: "I'm excited to announce our launch after beginning our journey earlier in the year to create one of the most disruptive product consultancies in the industry. As customer expectations only increase, it's clear that strategic innovation is crucial to businesses that want to gain a competitive advantage, and we're here to enact that ambition."

The consultancy is based in the UK, with offices in Manchester and London but will cater to clients globally and has begun building a global network of trusted partners and innovative start-ups to help assist with client engagements. 

Pumtrix Technologies offer various consultancy solutions to clients, such as business & market sensing, strategy innovation, program management, product design & development and sales enablement. 

Each solution provides clients with pre-defined services such as insight development, which works with clients to correlate multiple areas of interest across their business, the industry and customer trends to create an independent, unique set of data-driven insights. 

Pumtrix Technologies believes these solutions will support its aims of being the leading innovation consultancy for digital infrastructure companies over the next year. 

For more information on Pumtrix Technologies and to arrange a consultation with our team, visit: www.pumtrix.com 


Pumtrix Technologies is a growing product and technology consultancy specialising in digital infrastructure, supporting global businesses in identifying and unlocking new opportunities for growth with strategic innovation.

Pumtrix Technologies offers a range of consultancy solutions that provide on-demand strategy, product and engineering services to assist in delivering new capabilities to the market. Supporting any stage of the innovation lifecycle, from strategy definition to product design or launch and enablement. 

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